Olympos Angels Garden

A breath in the city crowd and stifling city... A break between the bustle and stress... A momentary relief in the rapidly time finding yourself .

We Olympos Angels Garden's 14 acres of green land with trees, flowers, birds ,chickens, in short, we share with animal friends .We are beginning our day by doing breakfast with the eggs that we collect from the hen house in the morning, tomatoes and peppers that we pluck from the boughs.After taking our bicycles , bike tour we did in the pine trees we cool off one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.And then either in the turkish bath with plant bath , in the sauna or mud bath to realx our body.We are doing yoga while listening to birds sounds to relieve our soul. And we enjoy dinner prepared from fresh vegetables, of course with a nice wine.

What Else Is There In Olympos Angels Garden?

Turkish bath, pouch-foam massage, body massage with special oils, plant pool and sauna , mud bath, 10 wooden and 6 stone houses each with air conditioning and bathrooms, a honeymoon suite positioned on top of a tree, 4 bowers with a mosquito net and bed, camping area ,for your pets that you can bring with you , shelter ,swimming pool, restaurant ,and bar. Free transportation to ancient cities and sea.