City in a crowded and stuffy air breathing cities ... ... A break and stress between precipitancy An instant in time and flowing rapidly relieved to find himself ... 14 acres of green land we Olympos Angels Garden, Manavgat / Side by trees, flowers, birds, the chickens in short, we share with our animal friends. The eggs collected in the morning from a set, branches off from the day we start our tomatoes and peppers have breakfast ...

Cycling among the pine trees to receive and after the bike tour in one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful beaches are cool. And then either plant in the Turkish bath in the bathroom, into the mud bath and sauna or relax our bodies are ... To relax our spirit if we do yoga while listening to bird sounds. And after dinner enjoy fresh vegetables have been prepared, the next subject with a good wine …

Olympos Angels Garden What else is it?

  • Turkish Bath
  • Peeling-Foam
  • Special oil massage with a body massage pool and sauna
  • Plants
  • Mud bath
  • bath air-conditioned and each one of 10 trees and 6 stone houses, is situated on the tree
  • a honeymoon suite
  • It is 4 bed and mosquito net arbor
  • Camping area, you can bring your pet to the side
  • shelter
  • Swimming pool, restaurant and bar
  • free access to nearby ancient cities and the sea.