Beach Voleyball

If you play too close to the beach volleyball on the beach olympos may sweat at sea and the sun can enjoy the live doyasıya. Turkey's natural beauty is one of Olympos. City to move away from stress, to stay alone with their magnificent beauty of nature to renew itself if you wish to relax in style for you reap a kaftan Olympos! Olympos'ta green trees, lofty mountains, rivers şırıl şırıl the deep blue sea and a date will be waiting for you. Declared a site of the ancient city of Olympos, also of the caretta caretta eggs Olympos had left for a vacation to a paradise .. Olympos'ta a privilege. To stay in the tree house, the citrus smell of the morning to take in, take a swing in the hammock, with paths to walk through the sea, clear blue sea to swim in the doyasıya, mountain slope to walk, the evening gather around the fire and carol.

Swimming Pool

Game Garden

Olympos Angels Garden an ideal holiday place for little guests. Leave your children with animals, nature, are met. Guests can play games in the tiny park at any hour of the day in a healthy environment can play and have fun spending the day.

Boat Tour

Perched in the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, the world can see the most beautiful bays, natural beauty can take your eyes from the sun to remove the doyasıya taste, you'll be able to face the blue waters as you want.

Yanartaş Tour

Çıralı Village in north Olympos'un as 25 minutes walking distance away. Approximately 300 m. The slope of the beach in Cirali height, Burning Stone is available. According to mythology the winged horse Likya'lı hero Bellerophon chimera Pegasus'un back from the mouth, and Kimera fight him here, has died. According to local beliefs did not kill Kimera, was driven away to the depth of the mountain by Bellerophon. This monster is breathing fire and this fire is still in deep surface of the hole to get out. Have been interpreted as sacred space in this region of Roman and Byzantine structures are being. Here yeryüzüne the natural gas combined with oxygen in the air, since the ancient era is burning. Especially at night to see the Burning Stone Çarılı'da I suggest.

Walking Around

History is on the road to Lykia with insatiable sea IEL guidelines may discover aspects bilnemeyen of the ancient city of Olympos, can-be-forgotten moments.